Reading Inquiry/Business Letter: September 16-19


  1. Students continued to use reviews in Destiny and Amazon to evaluate the books on their book lists, refining them as necessary.
  2. Ms. Knaze showed the class how to create a Want to Read book list in Destiny, and students created personalized book lists.
  3. Mrs. Skotnicki checked assignments while students worked.
  4. Ms. Knaze showed us how to download the Destiny Quest app to our phones so that we would always have our book lists at our fingertips. If you were absent, download the app from the App Store on your phone and enter this address:
  5. Students signed out a book for independent reading.
  6. During the second half of class, Mrs. Skotnicki reviewed topic sentences and transitions by modeling how she incorporated these into her Annotated Business Letter.
  7. Students typed their letters, revising them to incorporate topic sentences and transitions.
  8. Students proofread their letters using these Revision Guidelines. Students turned in their letters.


  1. Summer reading and assignment due 9/30.
  2. Select a book for independent reading. Be sure you have it with you for our next class.

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