Reading Inquiry/This I Believe: Sept 20-21


  1. We spent 15 minutes reading and measured our reading rate to set reading goals for the first quarter.
  2. Mrs. Skotnicki outlined the homework assignment, 20 minutes of reading per weeknight or two hours weekly.
  3. We recorded our progress on the Weekly Reading Log.
  4. Mrs. Skotnicki introduced the This I Believe (TIB) writing assignment and TIB Grading Rubric.
  5. We listened to examples of pieces from the This I Believe series through NPR. If you were absent, listen to these pieces to get an sense of what this assignment is all about:
    1. “The Art of Being A Neighbor”
    2. “How To Survive Life’s Tests” 
    3. “Being Yourself”
    4. “The Beatles Live On”
  6. Mrs. Skotnicki shared one of her This I Believe essays by reading it aloud.
  7. As a class, each of brainstormed three topic ideas on sticky notes.
  8. Students chose their favorite idea and completed this Topic to Story graphic organizer.


  1. Be reading: twenty minutes per night or two hours weekly. Meet or exceed your weekly reading goal.
  2. Summer reading due September 29-30.



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