Reading Film/Google Classroom: Oct 21-24


  1. Students read independently for fifteen minutes.
  2. We finished Eye Candy, the introduction to cinematography, by viewing and analyzing the opening clip to Francis Ford Coppola’s film, Apocalypse Now.
  3. Students should be prepared for a test on this material next class. Notes will also be due then.
  4. We set up Google Classroom accounts:
    1. Using a device other than a Chromebook, retrieve your temporary password from your school email account.
    2. School email –
    3. Login to school email using your West Seneca login and password.
    4. Find the Google Classroom account temporary password and copy it.
    5. Go to Google Drive – and login with your West Seneca user name and temporary password.
    6. Change your password to something that you will remember.
    7. Be sure to log off!


  1. Be reading. Meet or exceed your weekly reading goal.
  2. Be prepared for a test on film techniques.
  3. Eye Candy notes due next class. If you’ve been absent, refer to the Eye Candy Key.

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