This I Believe: October 25-26


  1. Students read for fifteen minutes.
  2. Mrs. Skotnicki passed back TIB Drafts. We reviewed our previous lessons about incorporating “showing” details into writing. We also discussed how we revised first for ideas and then, at the sentence level, for effect.
    1. Block 4/odd
    2. Block 2/even
    3. Block 3/even
  3. Students used a checklist to revise for ideas and showed their work to Mrs. Skotnicki.
  4. Students also revised at the sentence-level for fluency and showed Mrs. Skotnicki their work.
  5. Mrs. Skotnicki conferenced with students while they worked.


  1. Be reading. Meet or exceed your weekly reading goal.
  2. Continue to work on revision.
  3. Review film vocabulary. There will be a short test next class.

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