Reading Inquiry: Oct 31-Nov 1


  1. We began class by reading independently for fifteen minutes. Mrs. Skotnicki collected This I Believe essays.
  2. In small groups, students gave mini-book talks to each other after completing the first half of this Read It Forward worksheet.
  3. Mrs. Skotnicki shared the results of her Read it Forward worksheet about A Brief History of Seven Killings by Marlon James.
  4. We updated our reading lists in Destiny Quest, “crossing off” books we read by moving them from the “Want to read” list to the “Have read” list.
  5. Ms. Knaze showed us how to use NoveList to help us continue to add to our reading lists. Students completed the second half of the Read it Forward worksheet.
  6. Students added any new titles to their reading lists in Destiny Quest.
  7. Mrs. Skotnicki and Ms. Knaze checked students’ half-sheets and updated Destiny Quest lists.


  • Be reading, twenty minutes nightly, or your weekly page # goal.

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