Gatsby: November 14-15


  1. Students read independently for fifteen minutes.
  2. Mrs. Skotnicki collected Time Logs. If you forgot to do this, complete it ASAP.
  3. Mrs. Skotnicki also introduced Dream Big, the career research project that students will be working on while reading The Great Gatsby.
  4. For homework, students should come up with two career ideas (a first choice and a backup). We will begin research next class.
  5. We continued reading The Great Gatsby and annotating our texts as we read.
Valley of Ashes

Train ride from West Egg through the Valley of Ashes into Manhattan.


  1. Be reading independently. Meet or exceed your weekly goal.
  2. Finish reading chapter 2 and read chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby. Use sticky notes to annotate as you read.
  3. Want to review the previous chapters? Watch this video clip by John Green about Chapter 1.

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