Gatsby: November 16-17


  1. We read independently for fifteen minutes and measured our reading rates for Q2.
  2. We discussed chapter 3, particularly student questions and observations.
  3. In the library, Ms. Knaze introduced us to the Career Information page on the school library Web page.
  4. Ms. Knaze demonstrated how to use the Occupational Outlook Handbook to research a career.
  5. Mrs. Skotnicki modeled taking notes using the Cornell notes method.
  6. Student completed Career Notes for two sources, the Occupational Outlook Handbook and one other from the West Senior Library Career Information web page.
  7. Mrs. Skotnicki and Ms. Knaze assisted students with research as necessary.

For homework, 

  • Be reading your independent book.
  • Read chapter 4 of The Great Gatsby.

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