Gatsby: November 18-21


  1. We read independently for fifteen minutes.
  2. As a class, we discussed chapters 3 and 4 of The Great Gatsby. Mrs. Skotnicki kept track of student participation.
  3. Students continued career research in the library.
    1. Mrs. Skotnicki shared her Career Research Notes as a model.
    2. Ms. Knaze explained students’ next steps: using additional resources on the school libary Career Information web page to answer any remaining questions.
    3. Students whose notes are finished set up accounts at, an online application for creating infographics. Students should use their Google Classroom account to create an account.
    4. Mrs. Skotnicki introduced Picture This, the infographic assignment directions.
    5. Mrs. Skotnicki shared her partially completed infographic about a career in Postsecondary Teaching.

For homework, 

  1. Be reading your independent reading book.
  2. Reading chapter 5 of The Great Gatsby. Be sure to annotate with sticky notes as you read.
  3. FREE AUDIO BOOK version of The Great Gatsby.

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