Gatsby: December 1-2


  1. We read independently for fifteen minutes.
  2. Mrs. Skotnicki introduced the Gatsby vocabulary assignment (to block 4/odd).
  3. Students worked independently on writing or reading: students set goals for workshop time: infographic, vocabulary, or reading.
  4. Mrs. Skotnicki reminded students about the following links for the infographic assignment.
    1. Students should use their Google accounts to sign in to
    2. Picture This, infographic assignment handout and directions.
    3. Mrs. Skotnicki’s infographic about Postsecondary Teachers.
    4. Be inspired! Take a look at these five amazing infographics.

For homework, 

  • Be reading your independent book.
  • Read chapter 7.
  • FREE audio book version of The Great Gatsby.

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