A Raisin/Scene: Feb 27-28


  1. Students read independently for fifteen minutes.
  2. Students filled out this conflict chart in preparation for writing their own dramatic scenes.
  3. We watched a brief summary of Beneath’s Place to give ourselves an idea of how to begin.
  4. As a class, we brainstormed possible scene ideas. If you were absent, you can find your class’s idea list below:
    1. Block 4/odd
    2. Block 2/even 
    3. Block 3/even
  5. Working independently, students completed a scene brainstorm graphic organizer, identifying the characters and conflict, “obstacles,” setting, and possible resolution.
  6. Students mapped out the action for their scenes on a storyboard.


  • Be reading, meet or surpass your weekly writing goal.
  • Finish your storyboard if you were unable to do so during class.

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