A Raisin/Scene: March 13-14


  1. Students read independently for fifteen minutes.
  2. Mrs. Skotnicki introduced the Q4 Read Harder Book Challenge.
  3. Mrs. Skotnicki went over the scene assessment rubric with students.
  4. Mrs. Skotnicki introduced Turnitin.com. Students created accounts and uploaded their scenes from Google Drive, using the grammar tool to proofread their work.
  5. Mrs. Skotnicki checked shared drafts while students made revisions to their dramatic scenes by working with a partner and completing this Revision Checklist. If you have not yet shared your draft via Google Drive follow these naming conventions and share with jskotnicki@wscschools.org:
    1. Lastname_Raisinscene
  6. We spent the remainder of the block revising.


  • Please be reading! Students should meet or surpass their weekly reading goals.
  • Raisin Scenes are due (shared digitally) with Mrs. Skotnicki before the beginning of next class.

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