Thesis: March 27-28


  1. Mrs. Skotnicki will introduce inquiry and define guiding question: What is a guiding question?
  2. Students continued to write questions to guide their research for the senior thesis by filling out this Topic ABC worksheets.
  3. Students will sign Senior Thesis contracts.
  4. Students will complete a Keyword Map, brainstorming all the possible directions their research might take.
  5. Mrs. Skotnicki will introduce  Think Like a Thesaurus for their topic and students will brainstorm synonyms for their most important keywords.
  6. Students completed and submitted Topic Approval forms. Students used the Database Shopping Mall handout to determine which subject area their topic fell into.
  7. Mrs. Skotnicki checked student work. Every assignment is a class work grade.


  1. Be reading.
  2. Finish anything you were not able to complete during class.

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