Thesis: April 25-26


  1. Mrs. Skotnicki passed back preliminary thesis statements. Students made any necessary changes. Absentee students wrote preliminary thesis statements.
  2. If necessary, students moved their notes into their Google Classroom Notes document.
  3. Students organized ideas from their notes and research studies by completing the Organized Outlines chart.
  4. Students copied and pasted their completed notes into their new Organized Notes document and use their organized outline charts to organize their digital notes documents. (Students whose notes are yet complete should finish them before beginning their organized notes.)
  5. Mrs. Skotnicki shared her example of organized notes and students spent the remainder of class organizing their notes digitally.
  6. Students updated Work Logs and Mrs. Skotnicki initialed them.
  7. Mrs. Skotnicki collected Notes Progress-o-Meters at the end of class from students whose notes (7 sources) were completed.


  • Continuing organizing your notes.

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