Thesis: May 19-22


  1. The thesis final draft is due today! Students copied and pasted their Thesis_RoughDrafts into their Thesis_FinalDraft documents, removed colors by changing the font-color to black, and followed these MLA Format directions for header, title, page numbers, and the works cited page.
  2. Mrs. Skotnicki discussed presentation expectations. We watched these two TED Talks Whale Poo and Your Online Life to get a feel for what a good presentation looks like and completed the TED Talk Planning Sheet. Working independently, students brainstormed ideas for their own presentations on the back.
  3. Mrs. Skotnicki shared her presentation about Summer Reading as well as her TED Talk Organizer with the class (see the second page).
  4. We went over the 2016 Senior Thesis Presentation Information guide.
  5. Students spent the remainder of the block formatting their final drafts and working on their presentations.


  • Be prepared to give your presentation on your scheduled date (see the previous post for a schedule). No exceptions!

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